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We invite companies from all sectors to submit their business plans for funding. Applicants do NOT need to have a Harvard affiliation.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Application and Screening. Submit an application through our group's Gust Public Profile page.  Our members will evaluate your application based on the information you supply on Gust.  We usually select five companies to present at each of our monthly pitch nights.  We encourage referrals and recommendations from our members.  A list of members can be found here.  Our geographic focus includes, but is not limited to, the Greater New York area, including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. HBSAANY is committed to racial justice and we especially welcome black and minority founders.  

  2. Pitch Night. Presentations are almost always made in person by the CEO.  A schedule of upcoming pitch nights is here.

  3. Evaluation. If there is sufficient interest following pitch night, those angels will form a “deal team” with one or more deal leads.  The deal team will conduct further due diligence on your company.

  4. Investment.   Angels invest individually, but as part of an investment round with the same terms and timing.  We can move quickly if circumstances warrant, and want the process to be efficient for our entrepreneurs.  We also can syndicate our investments with other HBS Alumni Angel chapters and angel networks.  Angel financing rounds can be up to $1 million or more, including syndicated investors.

  5. Mentorship.  We actively mentor HBSAANY-invested companies. Our Chief Mentor consults with the HBS investors and company and assists in identifying  Expert Mentors in particular disciplines.


HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York is the largest angel group in the Northeast in membership, with 350 angel investors and growing.

  • Our members have invested over $28 million in 130+ companies since inception, including a record $4 million in 2021.

  • We leverage our membership and network to drive added value for our invested companies:

    • We assign a Lead Investor contact to every invested company.

    • Our Mentor Committee draws on the vast HBS network to find the right assistance for each invested company.

    • We have expertise across 30 Investment Sectors covering the breadth of the NY economy, with Sector Leads and Sector Teams, including Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, Life Sciences, FinTech, and Consumer Products.

  • We support companies in follow-on funding rounds:

    • About a quarter of our recent member funding rounds were follow-ons to prior HBSAANY funding rounds.​

    • We provide introductions to top VCs on our Advisory Board for follow-on financing.

  • We can move fast from pitch to funding!

    • We hold monthly pitch nights, with dates and the next deadline always posted on this site, and occasional "fast track" events if the next monthly pitch night is too far away.

    • We quickly form diligence teams, and have funded companies in 2-3 weeks when circumstances warrant.

    • Our members closed a new round of investment every 17 days in 2018.

  • Our typical funding round of about $150,000 from members is supplemented by our relationship with other angel groups:

    • Other NY-based angel groups

    • HBS Alumni Angels chapters in California, Chicago, London, Paris, Brazil, China, India, and elsewhere.

  • We are also part of the HBS Club of NY and benefit from its commitment to HBS Entrepreneurship and the Alumni Startups program.

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