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We partner with leading Universities, Alumni Associations, Angels Groups, Affinity Groups, and Accelerators on monthly joint Startup Showcase events highlighting entrepreneurs and their companies.


These events are generally open to the public, and not limited to just accredited investors, since there is no formal funding solicitation.

Next Co-Sponsored Startup Showcase:

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 EST - 5:45pm - 8:00pm PST - 2:45pm - 5:00pm Join us to hear from 6 top Berkeley Haas student and recent alumni startups, showcasing their businesses for HBS HBS Alumni Angels of New York. Open to general public for viewing. The 6 exciting companies which our joint Berkeley/HBS organizers have selected to present are: - FlowGPT-- Open source AI prompt community with 1.5M users today - COBA Coffee -- Turns coffee into tasty chocolate bars with protein - kwikkart-- AI powered shoppng cart attachment for grocery stores -HOPO Therapeutics -- Therapies to treat heavy metal/lead poisoning - Callisto Spirits Co. -- Botanical flavored rum with natural ingredients - Impact Food -- Sustainable plant-based food alternative for seafood

Past Partners & Co-Sponsors:

Congratulations to Prior Winners which have included:


Some details for presenting companies and potential partner organizations:


These events are open to guests invited by the partner organization, to HBSAANY members, and to others based on capacity. These events are NOT intended for active fundraising, and are open to non-investors as well as potential investors.

The “winner” of each Startup Showcase will be given special consideration to pitch to HBS Angel investors at a future pitch night, often at the next monthly pitch night — assuming the company is raising money, would like to present to HBS investors, and feels they are ready to pitch. The list of Pitch Night dates can be found on the home page.

Following the event, if the winning company would like to be considered for HBSAANY investment, the company should submit an application via gust.  The submission should include the usual pitch materials, including financials and funding needs. This provides the company with maximum exposure to our investor members before and after pitch night. 

Invitations to pitch are typically sent to entrepreneurs 7 to 10 days prior to pitch night so that we can consider the largest pool of companies.

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