We designate a volunteer Lead Investor for most of our invested companies.

Suggested activities for Lead Investors with their invested companies:


  • Be the gateway to the broader Harvard Business School network for general business advice, business introductions, and mentorship.

    • Connect the company with the right HBS Expert Mentors

    • Interface with the HBSAANY Mentor Committee to identify mentors and sources of company support.


  • Coordinate with other HBS Alumni Angel investors, where needed. [Translation:  Help "Herd Cats" so the company doesn't have to.] 

    • Follow-on financing

    • Communication to investors on key company developments

    • Channeling input from Harvard investors where desired, or offered. 







Note that the Lead Investor role is not intended to substitute for regular company updates to investors, or 1:1 communication when that is more appropriate.  This is a voluntary role, with no implied liability to the lead investor for any action, or any inaction.

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