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  • AI/Big Data/Machine Learning - Vineet Kumar, Sahab Aslam

  • AR/VR (Augmented Reality) - Antonio Mazzarra

  • Blockchain/Cybersecurity - Sharjeel Kashmir, Nidhi Chadda, Christian Kristin

  • Business/Industrial - Michael Pambianchi, Ayala Gamburd

  • Cannabis - Donald Samuels

  • CleanTech - Thomas Blum, Peter Schweinfurth

  • Consumer Products - Peter Schweinfurth, Peter Siris, Robert Hagemann

  • Crypto/Digital Assets - Sharjeel Kashmir, Kevin Worth

  • Defense and Aerospace - Brad Berkson

  • Digital Health/Healthcare Services - Nidhi Chadda, Brett Oberman, Tom Hirschfeld

  • Education Tech - Amy McIntosh, Cynthia King Vance

  • Fashion Tech - Barbara Miller, Lockie Andrews

  • FinTech - Patrick Jamin, Renato Grandmont

  • Food/Ag-Tech/Beverage - Jean Kim

  • HR Tech - Naveen Bhateja

  • IoT/Connected Devices - Brett Oberman, Brian Kline

  • InsurTech - Seth Patel

  • Legal - Michael Costa

  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics - Mauri Rosenthal, Jay Kumar

  • Media/Advertising - Sebastian Blum, Chris Emme

  • Real Estate - Trevor Bond, Dan Rudd

  • Retail/E-commerce - Nidhi Chadda, Jim Sherman

  • Small Business - Vineet Kumar, Richard Kane

  • Software - Mason Du, Dan Delmar

  • Sports - Scott Jablonski

  • Telecom/Mobility - Brian Kline

  • Transportation/Logistics - Martina Hansen

  • Travel Tech - Steve Skinner

HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York has Sector Leads who are our chief ambassadors to the NY entrepreneurial community for selected industries and technologies.  They are experts in their sectors and help us identify the best entrepreneurs and companies to bring to our investors.  If you apply to pitch HBSAANY, these sector leads will review your application and may reach out to you as part of our selection process.  

Meet the Sector Leads: 

If you are a member interested in any of the OPEN positions, please email indicating your interest.

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