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HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York is the largest angel group in the Northeast in membership, with 350 angel investors and growing.

  • Our members have invested over $28 million in 130+ companies in recent years, including a record $4 million in 2021.

  • We leverage our membership and network to drive added value for our invested companies:

    • We assign a Lead Investor contact to every invested company.

    • Our Mentor Committee draws on the vast HBS network to find the right assistance for each invested company.

    • We have expertise across 20+ investment Sectors covering the breadth of the NY economy, with Sector Leads and Sector Teams, including Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, Life Sciences, FinTech, and Consumer Products.

  • We support companies in follow-on funding rounds:

    • About a quarter of our recent member funding rounds were follow-ons to prior HBSAANY funding rounds.​

    • We provide introductions to top VCs on our Advisory Board for follow-on financing.

  • We can move fast from pitch to funding!

    • We hold monthly pitch nights, with dates and the next deadline always posted on this site, and occasional "fast track" events if the next monthly pitch night is too far away.

    • We quickly form diligence teams, and have funded companies in 2-3 weeks when circumstances warrant.

    • Our members closed a new round of investment every 17 days in 2018.

  • Our typical funding round of about $150,000 from members is supplemented by our relationship with other angel groups:

    • Other NY-based angel groups

    • HBS Alumni Angels chapters in California, Chicago, London, Paris, Brazil, China, India, and elsewhere.

  • We are also part of the HBS Club of NY and benefit from its commitment to HBS Entrepreneurship and the Alumni Startups program.


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