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A benefit of membership:  An expedited funding process for companies in which HBSAANY members invest. 

A HBSAANY “Fast Track” company is guaranteed a slot at the next pitch night. 

The “Fast Track” criteria are as follows:

  1. The Deal Lead must be an active HBSAANY member who has invested at least $25k in the company in the current funding round at the same terms that are now being offered to HBSAANY members.  The Deal Lead also needs to serve actively as the liaison between interested angel members and the company through the process.

  2. The funding round must be both:

  • at least 50% and $100k committed at the same terms offered to HBSAANY investors,

  • open to a minimum of $100k in new HBSAANY investment in this round.

“Fast Track” companies are subject to final approval by HBSAANY.

In some circumstances, when time is of the essence and schedules permit, we will set up a special “Fast Track” pitch night.

In order to apply for the Fast Track:

  • The company should submit an application via the regular GUST process.

  • The HBSAANY member should E-Mail President Sharjeel Kashmir to notify HBSAANY that you have a company for Fast Track consideration.

  • In addition to the usual "pitch" material, in order to be evaluated your gust submission must include:

    • a cap table with details of current and past funding rounds including a list of any notes and noteholders,

    • a financial model showing historical and projected performance,

    • a detailed term sheet that meets the criteria above, or deal documents.

Member-invested companies can skip screening and go directly to Pitch Night
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