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7 Things to Remember about being a Member

  1. Attend new member orientation, deal lead orientation, monthly pitch nights. Co-lead a deal with an experienced member in your first year.

  2. Be an “HBSA Ambassador”

    • Encourage the best entrepreneurs to apply via our website.

    • Join a sector team and attend industry events.

    • If you invest in a company on your own, use “Fast Track” to skip screening and pitch at the next pitch night

  3. Review Gust regularly and help select companies for Pitch Night via your ratings.

  4. Mentorship … help our invested companies succeed.

  5. Recruit new member angels

  • Recruit one new member per year

  • Start with your classmates.

   6. ​Respect the confidentiality of company-provided info

   7. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest and refrain from soliciting clients.

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