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Ground Rules for Deal Teams


  1. ConfidentialityAll non-public deal information should be treated as confidential. Gust helps Deal Leads manage folders, files, and email; and protects your own confidential info. Most importantly, entrepreneurs trust us to keep their information confidential.

  2. Use of Gust. Member emails regarding deals should occur in the deal room on the confidential gust platform wherever possible.

  3. Importance of Deal StatusTo participate in or follow a deal, please always update gust with your current deal status: 

    • Observing, Considering  $xx investment, Committed $xx investment, Invested $xx investment. 

    • “Committed” status is binding and is communicated to entrepreneurs. Final deal documents are drawn up for all parties based on these commitments.

  4. Timely responses to Deal Leads. Deal Leads are volunteers like you and deserve prompt and courteous replies to requests and questions. Please keep all your scheduling commitments, and please channel all requests for info through the Deal Leads and gust.  Entrepreneurs prefer to have our Deal Leads as the main point of contact to streamline the process – this is a major advantage of being an angel group and builds our deal flow.  Please make the Deal Leads’ (uncompensated) jobs easier! 

  5. No Side Deals. Any discussion of compensated advisory/consulting relationships should be deferred until after the investment decision(s) are made to avoid any conflict of interest.

  6. Membership.  We count on the good will and trust of entrepreneurs and alumni investors to succeed as an angel group, and any lack of adherence to these ground rules, or the HBSAANY Membership Agreement, may result in your loss of membership. 



January 2023

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